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What is Small Group Ministry?

Many churches offer a Small Groups program where groups of 6 to 20 people meet regularly. What they do there, and why, is often very different from church to church. Certainly there is no one right way, but if you are interested in being a part of this ministry at Quarry, it is important to know what it is all about… and how to get involved.


There are basically five steps to take…

Step One: Learn about Access Ministry – why and how it functions.
Step Two: Look over current groups for description, location, and dates.
Step Three: Contact one or more leaders via email – they will answer any questions you have and meet with you prior to attending.
Step Four: Pray and make a decision… then plan a visit.
Step Five: Join a group.

Here’s Step One

Why… The New Testament sets out a design for the way church is to work. Much of it revolves around how believers help and care for each other. This includes helping each other in our faith and caring for each other’s needs. It is very challenging to do this in the context of a Sunday worship service – on the other hand, the personal/relational aspect of church fits almost perfectly into a small group setting.

The Vision for Quarry Community Church is to be a community of people committed to growing together in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, while leading others to Him.


A Biblical vision for the church can be expressed as… “In, Out, & Up.”

IN – this is the helping and caring for each other.
OUT – we are all about sharing what we have discovered – the freedom, hope, and new life found in our relationship with Jesus.
UP – is all about growing in our relationship with God. These three elements are what our groups are all about.

How… Meeting in homes about once a week, groups will normally spend time socializing (very often with food), then discuss spiritual topics (many use the previous Sunday’s message), and then share, encourage, and pray for each other. Group times vary between 90 minutes and a little over 2 hours. Families with younger children often coordinate some type of childcare.

Group members are also encouraged to be sharing their lives with friends, neighbors, and co-workers and are free to invite them to the group. With this in mind, group sizes are never limited (and may divide into different homes when space runs out).


If this all sounds good, it’s time to take the next step! Follow the link to learn about our current groups.

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