Birth – Preschool

Bedrock – Birth-Preschool

Pebbles1Welcome to Bedrock’s Birth-Preschool Program. We strive to create an age appropriate, fun and interactive environment for your little one each week. Leaders in this group so excited to work with your little one. This is a very busy time of life of learning and growing in amazing ways and our leaders are ready for their energy.

We plan wonderful learning opportunities for our littlest ones in Bedrock. They can plan on singing, dancing, jumping, laughing and having fun in every experience. Our goal is that your child learns these simple but powerful truths – God Made Me, God Loves Me, Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
We know you are your child’s best teacher, we will help you and encourage you in every way we can to do just that. Check out the parent cue each month and as a family, you can learn together.



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