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Sundays through October 15   •  9:00 & 10:30am

“Reliance”Reliance Series Title - Fall 2017

There is a well-worn fallacy that if one simply makes right decisions, works hard and treats others kindly that the individual can control and take credit for the outcome of their life. It is called self-reliance. Maybe you know a little something about it. You’re in good company. But then the storms of life come… disease, infidelity, disaster, parenting, job loss, and our firm foundation washes away. The Bible equates self-reliance with building a house on a foundation of sand and compares it to building upon solid rock. Wisdom says to choose rock every time – a foundation that will not fail.  Join us Sundays this fall, as we explore a life of reliance upon God Almighty; THE solid Rock. I hope to see you then!





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