New To Quarry?

Welcome! Sunday worship services at 10am.

(Resume 2 services at 9am and 10:30am after Labor Day)

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What to Expect – A Typical Sunday at The Quarry

Before the Service

The Quarry meets every Sunday morning in the Monticello Middle School (Monticello HIGH School for summer 2015)– not a traditional location, but we love that the middle school provides a great ministry environment while allowing us to focus finances on other critical such as children, teens, families, and local/international missions.

We suggest arriving 15 minutes before the service to allow time for parking and seating. Friendly greeters will be at the front doors to direct you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are joining us for the service and have kids ages birth – 5th grade, we invite you to head on over to our “Bedrock” table (Bedrock is the name of our children’s ministry). Here you will find someone to welcome you and answer any questions. If you feel comfortable, we will place your child in one of our age-appropriate learning environments where they will have a blast learning about Jesus and meeting new friends. For more on Bedrock, click here.


During the Service

Michael_SpkgDuring the service, our hope is to “clear the way” for you to be able to experience the greatness of our God through engaging music, relevant messages, friendly people and an all-around enjoyable atmosphere.

You will see people in all types of clothing at the Quarry, so wear what is comfortable to you. We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear.

Oh, and don’t feel pressured when it comes time for the offering, if you’re a visitor, we just ask that you enjoy our service. At the Quarry we would never require you to give but, as a response to God’s grace and love, those of us who call the Quarry our church home give back generously, for His glory and to grow our community.


After the Service

When the service is over please join us in the commons area for coffee. You can take this time to meet some of the people who call the Quarry home and discover what’s happening beyond Sunday mornings by visiting our Next Steps Table.

If you have kids in Bedrock be sure to follow the signs to their classroom and pick them up from their activities.




Why are we called “The Quarry”?

Great question. Glad you asked.
Read the “Story of Quarry” »


What denomination are we?

“Community Church” doesn’t really answer the question, does it? We are affiliated with Converge Worldwide (formerly known as the Baptist General Conference ). “Converge Worldwide is a Christian fellowship of evangelical churches whose purpose is to serve God by starting and enhancing churches worldwide.” To learn more about Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference) visit their website at Converge Worldwide.


What do you believe?

Please visit our Purpose and Beliefs page to learn more about what our church is all about.


Why do we meet in a school?

The Church, while we often meet in buildings, is all about people. We are blessed to meet in the Monticello Middle School. It’s not perfect but it allows us to focus on things other than bricks and mortar. Our focus is to reach people, not construct buildings. We are working hard in this community to make a positive impact. All that said we understand that buildings are a tool. So when the time is right we will have a Monticello campus that houses all that we do on Sunday mornings. Currently, we have an office building and land (click here for the map) in Monticello. Our building is always hopping with a full-staff, band practices, student ministry, leadership meetings; something nearly everyday!

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