Access Groups

Get Connected

What is Access?

Access is what we call the small groups of people who meet weekly to grow in faith. Hosting anywhere between 5-25 people, groups usually meet in homes for about 2 hours. Normally this will include time socializing, discussing spiritual topics, sharing and praying for each other. Groups will plan events – sometimes serving others, sometimes a fun event. Most groups coordinate some form of childcare.


The goals of each Access group can be summarized in three words – In – Out – Up.

IN – the Bible clearly calls believers to care for each other – this happens best IN smaller groups

OUT – Jesus commissioned us to make disciples – groups work together to reach OUT and grow

UP – we encourage each other in faith turning our focus UP to God growing closer to Him.


How do I find a group?

We’d like you to find a group where you want to stay. And though things like when and where factor into your choice of group, we feel it may be more important to make a connection with group members before attending. This can start with an email to leaders and may include meeting face-to-face. We believe this will help in making a choice – but the most important thing is prayer.

Here it is in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Look over current groups for description, location, and dates
Step 2: Contact a leader via email – they will answer any questions you have and meet with you prior to attending
Step 3: Pray and make a decision… then plan a visit
Step 4: Join a group


Click here to look over current groups’ description, location and meeting day of the week.