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Easter Sunday!

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Join us for Easter! Sunday, March 27

9:00am & 10:30am

3939 Chelsea Road W, Monticello MN 55362Easter2016_promo

So you’ve heard all about it:  a would-be king, a cross and then three days later, an empty tomb. It’s Easter.  So what?  Stay with us . . . actually come with us on a journey to discover why Easter matters. You see Jesus, the One who was beaten, the One who died on that cross, the One who defeated death and rose victoriously from the grave – He is why Easter matters to everyone. Join us this Easter, Sunday, March 27th and experience the promise of new life over flowing with hope, love and power.

In Our New Location! The Quarry has moved into a fantastic facility all it’s own. No more trailers, no more portable classrooms, no more middle school.  Come check us out this Easter Sunday and see what we’re all about.

Author: Mandy Flateland