NMC Slide no dateWe offer a New Members Class (NMC) twice each year (Fall & Spring) that explains the mission and vision of the Quarry and the membership process in a small group format. This 7-week class is a great way to get to know others who are also taking the steps to become a member as well as a chance to find out what makes the Quarry “tick”.

Here’s a description of the process:

Over the course of NMC, we will go through the Participating Member Manual workbook and get to know the leadership and others in the group. We meet at the church office at 7pm each night, for about an hour and a half.

Once you complete the workbook, you will meet for an informal interview with a church leader, usually the last week of the class. The purpose of the interview is to discuss your personal growth questionnaire, ask any remaining questions you have and make sure any membership requirements have been met.

After you have completed the personal interview you will be recognized and celebrated before the church at a designated service during the year.

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