2017 Annual Report

It’s really more like a yearbook for 2017! It’s full of fun colors, photos, and stats of a great year. Click to check it out!

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Winter Retreat

For Quarry Student Ministry

Registration is now closed but CLICK HERE for the Packing List!

  • Arrive at Quarry by 5:00pm (eat dinner before getting on bus)
  • Sunday, Feb 18 – Return to Quarry around 3:30pm

Message Series

Sunday Mornings
9:00 & 10:30am


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Eyeglasses, Frames & Lenses Wanted

Collecting through March 11

Spring cleaning? Keep an eye out for old glasses. Donations received by March 11 will go to the Dominican Republic to a Christian eye doctor who will refurbish them and then donate them to Haitian/Dominican people in need for FREE. Please spread the word!

Quarry Entrance Steve

Quarry Community Church

Who is the Quarry? We’re real people. The people you see everyday – just trying to figure out how to live with God at the center of our lives. Experience the Quarry for yourself. You’ll laugh and cry. You’ll be encouraged and challenged. You will discover HOPE. You should come.