A Violent God

God is love. It says so in the Bible. It also says that God killed a lot of people (nearly everyone in the flood, the Egyptians, the Canaanites, rebellious Israelites…). But even beyond the bad guys, God’s laws and requirements ended in a whole lot of bloodletting. Atheists eat it up, proving for them the nonsense of God’s existence. Of greater concern, Christians struggle with their faith, as they cannot reconcile a God of love with a God of wrath. Join us on Sundays in February as we take a stab at understanding a Violent God.


Quarry Community Church

Real people

Who is the Quarry? We’re real people. The people you see everyday – just trying to figure out how to live with God at the center of our lives. Experience the Quarry for yourself. You’ll laugh and cry. You’ll be encouraged and challenged. You will discover HOPE. You should come. Summer Sundays at Monticello High School.


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